PRELUDE is the first PrEP demonstration study in NSW, which now provides access to PrEP to about 300 people who need it for prevention of HIV infection. Currently, eight clinics across NSW are providing services to PRELUDE participants. Exciting news for the PRELUDE participants is the fact that their access to PrEP through this project has now been extended to 2.5 years.

On this World AIDS Day 2015, we congratulate all PRELUDE study participants, investigators, partners and supporters with the first anniversary of this project. We also thank all participants for the continuing contribution to the PRELUDE project and, through it, to the communities in NSW which it serves and informs.

PRELUDE has already provided a number of important lessons, particularly about the acceptability of PrEP in NSW communities, how it works and how to provide it to people who need it. The project has also contributed to the development of the NSW PrEP guidelines.


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