PRELUDE Study Team

Principal Investigator
Dr Iryna Zablotska-Manos
The Kirby Institute
Wallace Wurth Building
UNSW Australia
Sydney NSW 2052
Tel: 61 2 9385 0951

Prof Andrew Grulich, The Kirby Institute
A/Prof Rebecca Guy, The Kirby Institute
Prof John Kaldor, The Kirby Institute
Dr Mary Poynten, The Kirby Institute
A/Prof Garrett Prestage, The Kirby Institute

Clinical Investigators
Dr. Mark Block, Holdsworth House
Prof Andrew Carr, St Vincent’s Hospital
Dr. Rosalind Foster, Clinic 16, North Shore
A/Prof Anna McNulty, Sydney Sexual Health Centre
Dr Catriona Ooi, Western Sydney Sexual Health Centre
Dr. Catherine Pell, Taylor Square Clinic
Dr. Nathan Ryder, Pacific Clinic/Newcastle Sexual Health Service
A/Prof David Templeton, RPA Sexual Health

Other Investigators
Mr Craig Cooper, Positive Life NSW
Mr James Gray, AIDS Council of New South Wales (ACON)
A/Prof Martin Holt, Centre for Social Research in Health
Mr John McAllister, RN, St Vincent’s Hospital
Mr. Brent Mackie, AIDS Council of New South Wales (ACON)
Prof Kenneth Mayer, MD, The Fenway Institute
Mr Dean Murphy, Centre for Social Research in Health
Prof John de Wit, Centre for Social Research in Health
A/Prof Edwina Wright, Burnet Institute

Medical Officers
A/Prof Mark Boyd, MD, The Kirby Institute
A/Prof Gail Matthews, MD, The Kirby Institute
Adjudicating Medical Officer Dr. Phillip Read

Study Coordinator
Ms. Yvonne Cheung

Research Officers
Mr. Chris Gianacas, Clinical Database Management
Ms. Stefanie Vaccher, Behavioural Database Management